Hello, my name is

Jadurani Davalos.

I'm a Software Engineer based in Manila, Philippines.

I create things that live in the web. Currently, I work with Talino Venture Labs in building delightful user experiences.

About Me

Hey there! My name is Jadurani and I'm a software engineer focused in developing front-facing apps. I'm passionate about building beautiful interfaces that are delightful to use.

Here is my most recent tech stack:

  • Angular
  • Ionic
  • Typescript
  • GraphQL (with Hasura)

For my occassional design needs, I use Figma and Photopea.

When I’m not coding or designing, I’m learning how to sing and play the piano, how to get better at yoga, or how to survive in the wild as a vegetarian. 🥬

Get In Touch

Feel free to shoot me a message at Twitter or send me an email if you want to talk about tech, philosophy, or if you want to have work done!