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Millions of Filipinos lost their income due to the pandemic lock downs. The Philippine government issued an order to provide cash assistance to the indigent and families must register themselves as in-need of cash assistance by manually writing out a form given by DSWD. Once registered, benificiaries had to manually come in person to the designated disbursement areas and claim the aide in cash, which is not the best form of currency during the pandemic.

To aide with the distribution of emergency funds, DEVCON, in partnership with USAID and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), created ReliefAgad. This app streamlines the capture of SAC data and the dispersal of relief funds by using an e-wallet or bank account that enables DSWD to send aid directly to beneficiaries, using the e-payment systems of the regional banking industry.

ReliefAgad is a quick relief system that enables DSWD and local government units (LGUs) to expedite the capture of social amelioration card (SAC) details and interface with any electronic payment system for faster cash relief to targeted beneficiaries.

As of July 2020, over 4.3 million benificiaries have registered through ReliefAgad, of which, over 1 million have entrolled transaction grants directly to their e-wallets or bank accounts

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My Role

In this project, I led the development of the self-registration app and built the LGU Registration interface.

We used Angular and Angular Material in building this application.